CEO’s Message

Gautam Adani

Anil Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

It is our profound endeavor to evolve a socially responsible and sustainable business scenario which fetches long-term returns to our stakeholders. This feat was manifested recently in August 2017 when we took over the Operation & Maintenance of transmission network of more than 8500 ckt km and ~14,000 MVA of power transformation capacity making us one of the leading O&M service providers in the transmission segment. Our company takes pride in contributing positively to the infrastructure sector of India for the prosperity of the nation as a whole.

We practice passionate leadership with our dedication, result orientation, integration and entrepreneurial mind set. Such characteristics draw strength from our core values of courage, trust and commitment. We aim to be known for the scale of our ambition, technological leadership and customer delight. We will take calculated risks at any opportune time in pursuing new business ventures in this field.

Innovation is at the heart of our business model. We will strive to meet the current and future needs of our customers by improving the service experience, providing leading/ cutting-edge technology solutions to enable our customers’ success. All such activities drive our commitment to innovation, allowing us to achieve an outstandingly competitive position in the industry.

We strongly believe that employees are central to our aspirations. We will endeavor to build an organization with passionate employees. Our employees commit themselves with passion to quality, innovation, courage, attention to detail and with a “make it happen” mindset. As an Organization, it is essential to embody these values.

We aim to put clients first in all that we do. As an organization our paramount focus is to build long-term unwavering relationships with customers, to help them meet their business objectives. We shall stand by our commitment to our Customers, excelling in everything we do and creating value for all our stakeholders.