Our Competitive Advantage

AIMSL brings many advantages like cutting edge technology, unique skill sets combined with experience and an invincible team spirit to the clients’ table. Some of the features that the clients’ leverage and benefit from are:

Technology innovations

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Drone Inspection :
  • The next era of transmission asset maintenance has dawned with UAV based inspection.
  • Persistent faults have been overcome with vigilant inspection. Prevailing conditions of a transmission system assure clients of benefits in cost, safety, reliability & response time.
  • UAV facilitates inspection of transmission system defects which are usually un-observed during routine patrolling or to the naked eyes. It helps improve the efficiency of inspection & creates a scientific and accurate approach towards deriving standardised inspection results
Remote Operation :
  • Remote operation of substations can lead to the cost optimisation of the assets. If the entire substation is well connected with a reliable source of OPGW, then multiple, connected substations can be remotely operated from a single location.
  • We provide the solutions and way forward to implement the remote operation of substations up to 765 kV and thereby optimising on the O&M manpower.

Team expertise

Emergency Restoration System (ERS) :
  • For higher reliability of the transmission line, minimised transmission line breakdown is a must, and in case of breakdowns, quick restoration of the system becomes a priority. Damages occur to transmission line primarily due to natural calamities or unpredictable events. Permanent restoration of a line may take long (days or even weeks) depending upon the site condition, quantum of damage, availability of spares and resources etc. To overcome these difficulties, we offer Emergency Restoration System for early operationalisation of the transmission systems. We offer solutions for Emergency Restoration up to 765 kV.

Major Projects

Committed team of experts with credible performance; consistently ensuring system availability & enhancing ability to deliver better. The hallmark of our capability has been our presence across coveted transmission projects which lighten length and breadth of India.