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developementOperations Services

Sustained, long term and competent solutions are required in the operations of hundreds of thousands of circuit kilometres and MVA capacity of transmission systems which would make them reliable, available and robust.

This is the exact service expertise and solutions that AIMSL brings on board with the help of our experienced & specialised operations team who have more than 500,000+ man days experience in operating substations and transmission lines of varied voltage levels from 220 kV up to 765 kV AC.

We are the only private player in the industry to provide end to end solutions in HVDC system operations, having an operational experience of HVDC interstate transmission link of over 1000 kms from Mundra in Gujarat to Mahendragarh in Haryana.

Our expertise in operations includes:

  • Operation of EHVAC & HVDC assets as per defined Indian grid codes and IEGC parameters in coordination with Indian grid regulators.
  • Operation of solar power plant
  • Manage assets in accordance with applicable health, safety and environment regulations.
  • Remote operation of substation
  • Expertise to analyse:
    • Root cause analysis of transmission elements
    • DGA analysis
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developementMaintenance Services

Our team of maintenance personnel in transmission network (up to 765 kV EHVAC & ± 500 kV HVDC) always prioritize on energy, availability and revenue impact, without compromising on quality or safety. This translates into reduced downtime, increased returns and long-term asset value protection.

We also have a specialised unit trained to offer tranquil maintenance service to ensure hassle free performance. As a young and enthusiastic maintenance team, we are quick to adopt the latest technology trends and to mitigate field challenges.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Preventive and routine maintenance to avail 100% asset availability and enhanced life cycle
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Cold line dry cloth cleaning
  • Hotline insulator washing
  • Insulator replacement
  • Restoration of transmission line using ERS.
  • Solar module cleaning
  • Hot line maintenance
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developementInspection and Testing

We have a winning combination of a competent team with qualified personnel and state-of-the-art testing instruments to deliver quality service and assured zero tolerance in defined parameter. Our inspection and testing services include:

  • Predictive maintenance services of transmission system
    • Puncture insulation detection
    • Thermo scanning
    • Corona scanning
    • Line fault locator
    • Relay testing
    • Tan delta test
    • Transformer and reactor testing
    • SF6 gas analyser
    • Testing of circuit breakers
    • Partial discharge measurement of all switchyard equipment
  • In house DGA facility
  • Tower footing resistance measurement
  • Drone surveillance of the transmission line
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developementCommissioning Services

Our commissioning capabilities include:

  • Installation and commissioning of all substation equipment’s as per specifically defined procedures 
  • Pre-commissioning tests of all substation equipment
  • Pre-commissioning checks of transmission line i.e. patrolling, clearance measurement, final checking etc.
  • Post-commissioning, smooth transition from Project to O&M
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We offer advisory services that are not limited to:

  • Engineering solutions of transmission lines and substations
  • Prefeasibility study for new asset formation in terms of capital and management risk, revenue formation and mitigation through practical and active approach.
  • Emergency response/ trouble shooting
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developementSystem Studies

In today’s complex and changing power systems environment, timely and relevant advice from power system experts is crucial. AIMSL has rich experience in the areas of electrical power system design, simulation, consulting and development of basic and advanced simulation tools for electric network analysis. Our team is competent to offer effective and quality solutions for:

  • Load flow
  • Short circuit
  • Dynamic stability studies
  • Motor starting analysis
  • Special protection schemes (SPS)
  • Line charging analysis
  • Reactive power compensation studies

We select the most appropriate tool from a range of power systems software to maximise benefit to the system design, including: NEPLAN, Mi-Power, ETAP to name a few.

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developementPerformance Consulting Services

AIMSL undertakes technical audits of T&D networks including recommendations for optimising capital and operational expenditures according to the required quality of service level.

Our certified team is capable of performing the following activities on par with the global industry benchmark and their set of skills significantly contribute to reduce performance variance gap in accordance to prevailing standards.

  • Due diligence of assets for acquisition
  • ISO standards audits
  • Regulatory compliance audits
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developementCustomised Solutions
  • We provide customised solutions to clients’ unique requirements in operations and maintenance of:
    • Transmission lines
    • Substations
    • Solar plant
    • Bay maintenance
    • Inventory management
  • Monitoring – Monitoring and supervision of transmission systems with focus on energy yield and performance.
  • Technical reporting – Efficient system of reporting and documentation procedures for day-to-day performance monitoring (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Maintenance – Site visits, preventive and corrective maintenance, insurance, HSEQ, contract and claim management
  • Operations – Reliable operational services, adhering to all compliances.
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developementRenovation and Modernisation

There are many old transmission systems which need upgrading and we are skilled and experienced to undertake renovation and modernisation projects such as:

  • Modification of existing line as per requirement of other utilities i.e. railway, road, power etc.
  • Hot Line Replacement: Earth wire replacement, insulator replacement
  • Emergency restoration system up to 765 kV.
  • Providing support for substation, line operations and maintenance
  • Design and engineering solutions in transmission lines
transmission header icon Operational assets – 8,511 ckt km & 13,990 MVA

Click on the Transmission lines, Substations, bays , repeater stations & electrode stations to know more

400 kv Tiroda–Warora transmission line (434 ckt km)

765 kV Tiroda–Koradi ckt 1 & ckt 2 transmission line (272 ckt km)

765 kV Koradi-Akola ckt 1 & ckt 2 transmission line (444 ckt km)

765 kV Akola–Aurangabad ckt 1 & ckt 2 transmission line (438 ckt km)

400 kV Sami–Dehgam transmission line (304 ckt km)

400 kV Mundra-Sami transmission line (564 ckt km)

400 kV Mundra-Sami transmission line (564 ckt km)

33 kV Mundra-Bhadai electrode line (60 ckt km)

± 500 kV Bi-pole Mundra–Mohindergarh HVDC transmission line (1980 ckt km)

400 kV Bikaner–Deedwana transmission line (128 ckt km)

220 kV Deedwana–Sujangarh transmission line (60 ckt km)

400 kV Ajmer–Deedwana transmission line (110 ckt km)

33 kV Mohindergarh–Kaithal electrode line (374 ckt km)

400 kV Mohindergarh-Bhiwani transmission line (100 ckt km)

400 kV Mohindergarh-Dhanoda transmission line (10 ckt km)

400 kV Alwar-Hindaun transmission line (96 ckt km)

400 kV Akola I–Akola II transmission line (61 ckt km)

765/400 kV Tiroda switchyard

400 kV Bays at MSETCL-Warora substation

765/400 kV Koradi substation

765/400kV Akola II substation

765 kV Bays at MSETCL-Aurangabad (Ektuni) substation

400 kV Bays at PGCIL-Dehgam substation

400 kV Sami switching station

± 500 kV Mundra HVDC terminal

Bhadai electrode station

Zazam repeater station

Penava repeater station

400/220/132 kV Deedwana substation

Makrana repeater station

Kaithal electrode station

± 500 kV Mohindergarh HVDC terminal

400 kV bays at PGCIL-Bhiwani substation

400/220 kV Alwar substation

400kV Parli-Solapur (272 ckt km)

400kV Solapur-Kolhapur (440 ckt km)

400kV LILO of Solapur-Karad at Solapur (230 ckt km)

400kV Pune-Parli transmission line (622 ckt km)

400kV LILO of Lonikhand-Kalwa transmission line at Pune (3 ckt km)

400kV Pune-Aurangabad transmission line (522 ckt km)

400kV Rajgarh-Karamsad (486 ckt km)

400kV Vadavi-Kansari transmission line(282 ckt km)

400kV Limbdi-Vadavi transmission line(206 ckt km)

transmission iconTransmission portfolio of over 5,000+ C Kms


Transmission Line


400kV Pune-Parli (622 ckt km)